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Upon finishing school at St. Ambrose University, I began my Law Enforcement career at the Phoenix Police Department where I worked several different assignments over the course of my career. I then began a career in the private sector, where I was employed as an investigator by the Legal Department of a Fortune 100 company. My duties included investigations and executive protection for top ranking board members. Archangel was then created 19 years ago after requests from a meeting planning company to assist in the planning and execution for a high profile event that required a discrete security detail.   

Archangel Consulting is a low profile security company that is committed to providing a discrete security environment for Executive and Corporate functions.  With over 50 years of experience and education in the fields of Law Enforcement and Corporate Security.
The Corporate world is very competitive and times intrusive; it is our job at Archangel Consulting to provide solutions for your peace of mind for any of your event needs.
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